So there’s an old 2004 Two and a Half Men episode called: “Squab, squab, squab, squab, squab” that we love! It makes us laugh so hard because well… if you have boys, you KNOW the kinds of crazy things they do and get into.

In the episode, Jake who’s about 10ish at the time “breaks” his grandma, and Charlie and Alan declare him the chosen one. They thought he’d be scarred forever for having to spend time with her yet in typical boy fashion… he drives her bonkers, scares the death out of her, she tosses spaghetti all over her living room, he floods her bathroom, and he says he had an alright time. Meanwhile, she is drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette by this point. 😂

In case you’re didn’t know, Squab is, in culinary terminology, a young domestic pigeon, typically under four weeks old. The meat is widely described as tasting like dark chicken – [Wikipedia]. Jake loves to say the term “Squab” but would rather eat hot dogs and spaghetti (hence her making another meal for him that he would eat).

Thankfully we have all worked hard a teaching our boys well and they are willing to try any food “at least once” to see if they like it before making a decision. It’s a rule in our family. Just ask our cousin Patrick… he’s alway been thankful for that one. Admittedly the older one is a bit better with this rule than the 5 year old but we have faith in him that he’ll get there soon. Like currently, he asks for a “salad”… it’s just lettuce, no dressing, nothing on it, nothing in it… just lettuce. The older one on the other hand loves to order 2-3 spicy tuna rolls (1 order is 6 pieces). He’s a growing young man. Ahhh the differences in children in the same family. 😂

Anyways… We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Can’t even tell you how many times we’ve seen this episode LOL. Check it out:

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