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Thomas Jefferson, Book love & The Magic

“I cannot live without books…”
– Thomas Jefferson

One of our many “Adventures” took us to Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

A lawyer, architect, writer, farmer, scientist, author of the Declaration of Independence, third President of the United States, founder of the University of Virginia… he was quite the accomplished gentleman of the times – April 2, 1743 – July 4, 1826.

An intriguing, amazing, having “history come alive” journey, not just for your children or grandchildren in our case, but for people of all ages.  

Known for many quotes, directly from their website –… There’s an entire searchable collection of his quotes available for ones reference as well as on the premises of Monticello where you can enjoy delving into the brilliance of this man through his own words.  

While we were there, I came across one particular quote that resonated with me. That little gem can be found on my desk in my home office.  And…, yes…, it is surrounded by a plethora of books of many subjects, sizes & shapes!  🥰

You may find a “few” collections not only in my office but throughout our home.  Our book collection includes… the classics, books on education, children’s books, art books, novels, cookbooks (yes, I do enjoy reading them!), biographies, religion & spirituality… to name a few.  

But, I digress… I wanted to share a book someone recommended to me recently: “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. If you don’t know who Rhonda Byrne is, click here for Google results or look her up on Wikipedia. She’s  known as the author of the New Thought books — The Secret [as well as the film], The Power, The Magic, The Hero…)

Her book, “The Magic,” shares with the reader, the power of gratitude, giving thanks, appreciating & counting ones blessings.  It is a 28 day journey in unearthing & acknowledging the joy in ones life.

The book is an easy read that leads you to reflect on your life & to appreciate each & every day that you experience! If you know my “story,” you know that my my family & I have come to understand this “power” for many years now.  We certainly have learned – to “count our blessings” each and every day.  

So… Does one of my favorite quotes resonate with you too?  

If it does… pick up a copy of “The Magic” on Amazon here. Let us know in the comments section below what book(s) you are currently reading that you may want to share with us!  We would be grateful for, give thanks, appreciate & count our blessings to hear your suggestions! 😉❤️


So there’s an old 2004 Two and a Half Men episode called: “Squab, squab, squab, squab, squab” that we love! It makes us laugh so hard because well… if you have boys, you KNOW the kinds of crazy things they do and get into.

In the episode, Jake who’s about 10ish at the time “breaks” his grandma, and Charlie and Alan declare him the chosen one. They thought he’d be scarred forever for having to spend time with her yet in typical boy fashion… he drives her bonkers, scares the death out of her, she tosses spaghetti all over her living room, he floods her bathroom, and he says he had an alright time. Meanwhile, she is drinking a martini and smoking a cigarette by this point. 😂

In case you’re didn’t know, Squab is, in culinary terminology, a young domestic pigeon, typically under four weeks old. The meat is widely described as tasting like dark chicken – [Wikipedia]. Jake loves to say the term “Squab” but would rather eat hot dogs and spaghetti (hence her making another meal for him that he would eat).

Thankfully we have all worked hard a teaching our boys well and they are willing to try any food “at least once” to see if they like it before making a decision. It’s a rule in our family. Just ask our cousin Patrick… he’s alway been thankful for that one. Admittedly the older one is a bit better with this rule than the 5 year old but we have faith in him that he’ll get there soon. Like currently, he asks for a “salad”… it’s just lettuce, no dressing, nothing on it, nothing in it… just lettuce. The older one on the other hand loves to order 2-3 spicy tuna rolls (1 order is 6 pieces). He’s a growing young man. Ahhh the differences in children in the same family. 😂

Anyways… We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Can’t even tell you how many times we’ve seen this episode LOL. Check it out:

Halloween Fun… looking back

Happy Halloween week everyone!!
A little Halloween retrospective… enjoy!!
Can’t wait for this year!

Adventure Days ~ Camden Aquarium – Part 1 – Camden, New Jersey


Went to the CAMDEN AQUARIUM in New Jersey recently!

Soooo cool!

The Penguins…. outside…

Check out that penguin over there Pa!
This is so neat!

And, Inside….. they are funny!

It’s so cool to watch them swim!

Then we entered…. the Stingray Beach Club area at the Camden Aquarium, New Jersey

It’s a Touch Exhibit!!  I can actually “touch” a stingray!

Here’s Pa telling me the right way to “touch” a big stingray!  Wow!

Check out the Stingrays Pa!
Look at the size of that one Gamma!

And…. Gamma!

Look at the size of them!  Pa told me we can go to places and actually swim with them!  Like in the Grand Cayman Islands (where Pa and Gamma went), Hawaii, Florida….
I’m going to have to do some research on that!  That would be a trip filled with Adventure Days for sure!

There was an area where there were smaller ones…. so neat!

So cool to be able touch all of these animals!

This Adventure Day to Camden Aquarium, New Jersey is —

To be continued…

As we venture on to the Sharks!

Joyful Journeying with Jackson!  🙂

Make Life an Adventure! Start Enjoying Life Today!

Adventure Days: January and the Beach Cape May, NJ

January Adventure to The Beach!

A chilly Sunday in January and…. We went to the Beach!  One of our favorite places…. Cape May, New Jersey!

We started our day on Jackson Street…
And then we headed straight to the ocean to walk on the beach!  Gamma calls it “our beach” in the winter because there are fewer people there to share it with and not so crowded.  Good Idea Gamma!
As we walked, I collected all kinds of treasures… shells, stones…. and Pa was explaining all kinds of things to me…. like the patterns in the sand from the wind.  It was a little windy and chilly, but I didn’t want my coat to restrict my fun!
I love the beach and the ocean!  Just look at how neat it is!

And the waves….  

They are just the best fun!
I love looking at the videos of my waiting for them to come at me…. and then I run from them.  And… I do it over and over and over again!   Hahahaha!
It’s just hard to leave the ocean once I’m there!
Here we are eating — at The Ugly Mug Restaurant!  My standard… “Grilled Cheese…. Please!”  🙂
(Oh… walking & running in the cold, Atlantic Ocean… I did get a little chilly…  got a new sweatshirt!)
New sweatshirt, treasures from the beach and shopping, sand in my jeans… I would say… “it was a pretty good Adventure Day today!”
And… I wanted Pa to get a sweatshirt just like mine!  If you look close… there are “sharks” on them!  It’s really Cool!
Fun Times!  Fun Adventure!

Till next time…..

Make Life an Adventure! Start Enjoying Life Today!