Adventure: Family / Friends Celebrations: Baby Shower! "Rosette" Cookies!

Adult Adventure – ANNOUNCEMENT!

Another Confession from the Life Designing1 Team!


Yes! We are social beasts! We love to laugh!

A Recent Celebration with Friends…..
a Baby Shower!
Friends! Food! Gifts for Baby! How can you not love it!

In preparation of the fun…. to share with friends….

we made some “Rosette” Cookies and they were a hit!
(Made them for a “Marathon” race at Jackson’s school this fall and a local chef loved them!)



We thought you may want the recipe!


Rosette Cookies – A “Generation” Family Recipe*

1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg (2 – if a flakier pastry is desired)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup flour, sifted

oil for frying
Rosette iron
paper towels

Mix the first five ingredients together and then slowly add the flour until the batter is smooth.
Heat enough oil (in a wide pan) to be able to deep fry.

For each rosette follow these instructions:
Dip “batterless” (rosette) iron into the hot oil until the iron is hot.
Dab the iron onto a paper towel – then dip into the batter.
Make certain you — do not — go over the top of the iron! It will run the entire batter.
Dip the “battered” iron into the hot oil — the batter will loosen itself – if you need to, nudge it off with a fork.

When it looks light brown… Turn the Rosette cookie to brown the other side.
When that side is light brown…. remove and drain on paper towels until cool.

Sprinkle with confectioners’ / powdered sugar.
Serve! and Enjoy!

We always know when people sample our cookies…….. by the powdered sugar on their shirts! 🙂 Enjoy!

*This family “generation” recipe was submitted to a local cookbook:

1992 – Ethnic Recipes, Traditions and Customs — St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Compiled by Mary Ann Lipsky
Illustrations and Narrative by Janet Kovalchick (a local artist and dear friend)
Small Drawings Assistant – Robin Gwen Lipsky (age 18)


Adventure Days ~ Camden Aquarium – Part 1 – Camden, New Jersey


Went to the CAMDEN AQUARIUM in New Jersey recently! 

Soooo cool!

The Penguins…. outside…

Check out that penguin over there Pa!

This is so neat!

And, Inside….. they are funny!

It’s so cool to watch them swim!

Then we entered…. the Stingray Beach Club area at the Camden Aquarium, New Jersey

It’s a Touch Exhibit!!  I can actually “touch” a stingray!

       Here’s Pa telling me the right way to “touch” a big stingray!  Wow!

Check out the Stingrays Pa!

Look at the size of that one Gamma!

And…. Gamma! 

Look at the size of them!  Pa told me we can go to places and actually swim with them!  Like in the Grand Cayman Islands (where Pa and Gamma went), Hawaii, Florida….
I’m going to have to do some research on that!  That would be a trip filled with Adventure Days for sure!    

There was an area where there were smaller ones…. so neat!

So cool to be able touch all of these animals!

This Adventure Day to Camden Aquarium, New Jersey is —

To be continued…   

As we venture on to the Sharks!

Joyful Journeying with Jackson!  🙂

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Adventure Days: January and the Beach Cape May, NJ

January Adventure to The Beach!

A chilly Sunday in January and…. We went to the Beach!  One of our favorite places…. Cape May, New Jersey!

We started our day on Jackson Street…

And then we headed straight to the ocean to walk on the beach!  Gamma calls it “our beach” in the winter because there are fewer people there to share it with and not so crowded.  Good Idea Gamma!
As we walked, I collected all kinds of treasures… shells, stones…. and Pa was explaining all kinds of things to me…. like the patterns in the sand from the wind.  It was a little windy and chilly, but I didn’t want my coat to restrict my fun!

I love the beach and the ocean!  Just look at how neat it is!  

And the waves….  

They are just the best fun!  
I love looking at the videos of my waiting for them to come at me…. and then I run from them.  And… I do it over and over and over again!   Hahahaha!  
It’s just hard to leave the ocean once I’m there!
Here we are eating — at The Ugly Mug Restaurant!  My standard… “Grilled Cheese…. Please!”  🙂
(Oh… walking & running in the cold, Atlantic Ocean… I did get a little chilly…  got a new sweatshirt!)

New sweatshirt, treasures from the beach and shopping, sand in my jeans… I would say… “it was a pretty good Adventure Day today!”
And… I wanted Pa to get a sweatshirt just like mine!  If you look close… there are “sharks” on them!  It’s really Cool!  
Fun Times!  Fun Adventure!  

Till next time….. 

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Adventure Days: Pennsylvania Mountains

My boys getting ready to venture into the snowy woods! A beautiful walk in Nature!

Adventure Days in the Mountains!

Ever want to visit the mountains of Pennsylvania, but you weren’t sure what to do when you got there? Well… We absolutely love to visit our home in the Mountains!

It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just appreciate Nature! We visit the local stores! One of my absolute favorites is The 84 Country Store in Greentown, PA! I love to visit this store because of all of the great Country Items it has for our home and also the special treats they make in store! Oh… Now I’m thinking about Fudge!


We spend lots of time just on the grounds around our home! We enjoy amazing Nature Walks through the woods hoping to spot animals! We’ve had animals such as deer, foxes, bears, opossums, coyotes, raccoons and skunks visit right in our back yard! It’s always an Adventure!

We splash through puddles! Fly Kites! Find and Identify footprints in the snow! And yes, we can even identify certain types of animal poop! LOL!

Jackson flying his kite all by himself! The winds were giving a hard time that day too lol!

We also love to go on Critter Walks!

That’s when we go searching for all those little mountain critters…like newts, frogs, snakes, butterflies, caterpillars and anything else little that we can catch for a little bit to inspect and release!

Sometimes we have to walk a little further to find some of God’s beautiful creatures! Below are some pictures as we search through the woods for animals! Even if we didn’t find any…we still love the Adventure and Beauty of God’s Green Earth!

This was right as we were entering the woods! Two enormous pine trees came together to create a natural tunnel!
Even with his big old snow boots…Jackson manages to enjoy the streams and puddles created by the melting snow! Gotta love puddles and streams!
My little adventurer! He is determined to see the Beaver Dam and Swamp!
My little adventurer! He is determined to see the Beaver Dam and Swamp!

And he found the Beaver Dam! It’s right behind him in this picture! Can you see it? 😉

We hope you enjoyed a view of our Mountain Adventure Days! We’ll share some more Adventure Days soon! Be sure to visit 84 Country Store when you can! It’s an Adventure in itself! Love it!!!!

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Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 4

As I told you before…
We had an amazing time in New York City for our Adventure Days!

I’ve got some more pictures to share: 😉

Jackson with is giant FAO Schwarz bag outside of the Apple Store!

Riding the escalator at Trump Plaza! Jackson loves escalators!
What to eat? What to eat? So many yummy choices at Trump!

Jackson’s favorite was the carrot cake of course! LOL!


Looking for fish in the Trump fountain! “No fish Gamma!”
The top of the Trump Plaza Christmas Tree! (2nd Floor)
More beautiful New York City decorations!

We saw Waverly Place!!! I was so excited! Wizards of Waverly Place is one of my Favs!!!

Jackson thought this was the best artwork at the New Museum! Watch the dogs carefully! It wasn’t easy getting the video at night, but it is really cool! I wonder how many people actually notice these beautiful dogs!

If you know the story of Eloise at the Plaza by Kay Thompson (I used to teach Pre-K remember) then you definitely want to visit The Plaza Hotel! It was filled with Eloise things and even an entire Eloise store! Loved it! The pic of the Eloise books will take you to the Barnes and Noble site if you would like to check out more about Eloise.

Jackson and the Eloise at the Plaza sign!

I saved the best for last! One of my absolute favorite things from our Adventure Days in New York City was visiting The Plaza Hotel and seeing….SANTA!!!

Santa wasn’t too busy, so he actually called Jackson over to him so they could talk! I loved it and Jackson was just thrilled! He felt so special to have Santa say he wanted to talk with him personally! Wow! Then Santa put us right in front of a group of 5 older girls so he could get his picture with Jackson 1st…the girls thought it was adorable and were very understanding! It’s so nice to be in a world with such wonderful people!


I think someone was a little pooped after 2 wonderful days in New York City!

He was so excited to tell everyone about his Adventure Days in New York City! He told lots of people about Santa and also his Burnt Rabbit Fur story too! (Don’t know the story? Check it out here!) That may be one he remembers for the rest of his life! LOL!

If you’re planning on visiting New York City this Christmas…then definitely check out our posts about Our Adventure Days in New York City!

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Adventure Days

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 2

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 3 ~ More Pics

I love having these Adventure Days with Jackson! I am so thankful to have the ability to work from home so that I can do these things with my son!

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