Heathy Everyday Living

Good things to know!

Amazing how everyday foods can benefit us!

We don’t need the preservatives!

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Soothing for the Tummy!

Detox Idea

I’m gonna have to try this!
Healthy things that just don’t even come to you! LOL!

I put Lemon in my water….but frozen fruit! What a great idea!!! 

Having fun on Pinterest!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I have a long time theory that Friday is the best day of the week!
Friday, for those of you still working a “normal job,” is the day of the week to wrap things up.

People are more relaxed today. You might have time to read or forward some funny emails, there’s chatter in the office about weekend plans and maybe even a bit of “hey! drinks tonight with everyone…are you in?”

People are ready for the weekend. Ready to spend time with family, the kids, work on the house, get outside, sleep in a little, exercise, go to a movie, go on a date, so on and so on.

Friday is even fantastic for those AAA personalities… sending emails, finishing up by noon, sneaking on to Facebook, updating friends, see what’s going on and busily making productive and fun weekend plans. (They never slow down! Lol)

No matter which of these you do on a Friday we all have one thing in common.
It marks the end of a busy work week! 

Enjoy today! Reflect on this week!

Do a few things a little different this Friday.

It’s the first Friday of spring.
A season of renewal, rebirth, growth. Nature does it normally and right on time, for itself, every year. Nature recreates itself, creates new growth, changes its form. If you really think about it, makes changes and adapts better to its environment than the year before. (Like for instance a tree)

What will you do with your first Friday of spring???

Spend time with important people in your life?
Clean out that closet or garage that’s been sitting there cluttered forever?
Start something for YOU?

Just a few things to get the old gray matter sloshing around up there in your brain but don’t think too hard today!

Whatever you do, create new space, new thoughts, new room for something bigger and better to come in to your life.

So get out there!

Just do it!

It doesn’t have to be perfect or right… But it’s gotta be something that puts a smile on your face, keeps your spirit up and keeps ya moving forward!

Good luck!

Have an amazing Friday!!!

Adult Adventure – "A Good Day" – Reflection & Gratitude

We posted a wonderful video clip yesterday – It brings tears to my eyes!

Tears of Joy, Love & Gratitude! I’m posting it again here:

“A Good Day” with Brother David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine Monk
Please take the time to view it…. once, twice….. daily perhaps.

Words I chose to reflect on from the clip: (Mom)

Today is a Gift to me!

I need to be – opening my eyes to see…

  • the colors
  • the sky
  • the weather
  • the faces… their stories.

I need to be – Opening my heart and “drink”….

the life-giving water and the gifts around me – civilization gifts!

I need to be – Opening my heart to all these blessings…

and to bring MY Blessings to others…

  • My Eyes…..
  • My Smile…..
  • My Touch…..
  • My Presence…..

I need to – let My Gratefulness overflow into Blessings all around me….

You may know or recall – I experienced a near death, “Widow Maker” heart attack April 21, 2008 in the limousine after the funeral mass of my dear mother and friend. It’s approaching 5 years now and each and every day…

I AM…. grateful for my “Gift!” —- Of another day!

Yesterday, discovering that video clip, I decided to explore our property and photograph some proof of the “emerging spring” here in Pennsylvania! I do hope you enjoy them!

Forsythias starting their regrowth for Spring!

Yellow crocuses with Star of Bethlehem plants peeking out!

Daffodils start to emerge!

Day Lilies breaking free!

Hyacinths springing out!
Magnolia buds reaching to the Heavens from Nikki’s House!

Have “A Good Day!” Appreciate and Share Your Blessings… Today!

Beautiful Story of a 19 year old’s Determination!

From Showering with Homeless to Living on the Beaches of the world!

Check out Dakota’s amazing Story here!

Way to go Dakota! Another Inspirational Story from Empower Network! 😉

Count Your Blessings!

Good Sunday to you!

I was just spending my Sunday Morning and beginnings of the afternoon
thinking how Blessed I truly am!

I have a beautiful family, a wonderful 6 year old son,
2 loving dogs, a supportive and amazing husband,
a rockin home business and a team of amazing leaders to follow!
These are only a few of the Blessings that I have in my life!

Why we started LifeDesigning1!

Homeless to Multi-Millionaire: Dani Johnson

Have you heard of Dani Johnson yet?

If not, then I am here to tell you: Go to www.danijohnson.com and check her out! She’s also been featured as ABC’s Secret Millionaire and on the 700 club as well! She has an amazing story…grew up with drug addicted, abusive parents, pregnant at 17, homeless at 21! She became a multi-millionaire by the time she was 23! Watch the excerpt from The View below!

I’ve been reading her latest book First Steps to Wealth.  It is well worth it!
And if you go to DaniJohnson.com she will let you get it for only $7 (shipping cost)!

That’s how I got it and it was well worth it! Plus, I get inspirational emails from Dani too!

I’m still reading, but had to share a couple of excerpts from the book!

You were designed for wealth in mind.  We know that to be true because the Law of Desire states that if you have the desire for wealth, it is because you were given the design to have wealth……The desire is not for stuff; it is for freedom. ~Dani Johnson

Did you know that people are Gems?

Dani explains the personality types that go with each of the four Gems:

  • Sapphires

  • Pearls

  • Emeralds

  • Rubies

Reading this book, I have come to the realization that I am a Pearl through and through…always wanting to help others!

Dani talks about the 98 Percenters’ way of thinking versus the 2 Percenters!

Are you in the 98% way of thinking? It’s time to move over to the 2%!


If you are ready to join the 2%, then get Dani’s book and click on one of the links on this page to get started on how you can start moving into the 2% too!

Guys, did you read Dani’s quote above? “You were designed for wealth in mind.” Make it happen today!

Join us and start making your dreams come true!

Pictures of Success!

Congrats to our sponsors Kevin and Melissa for earning $57,425 in 3 months of “work”

Just one of my favorite pics! He is my inspiration! ❤

Past couple days of “working” with Empower! I love these emails!

Something to be remembered!!!!

Let us know when you’re ready to join the ranks and start walking the talk!

I love my money pants! Any one of you can work from home! 

You just have to take the first step!

We’re ready for you to succeed!

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