Why we started LifeDesigning1


As the founders of LifeDesigning1 Enterprises, Bob and I would like to welcome you to our site!

Bob and I were High School sweethearts, married at the age of 22. We’re approaching our 49th anniversary this year and have been completely blessed to enjoy the love of a wonderful, close-knit family. Considering them our greatest accomplishments, we have 2 beautiful daughters, one exemplary son (-in-law) and two, amazing grandsons, aged 14 and 5!

Early in our careers, living near family, we were blessed to have my mother live with us and help in raising our girls as we both pursued our careers. Both now retired, Bob was a metallurgist, in foundries and sales engineering – mid Atlantic and East Coast regions, and I was an educator, in public school – elementary and teacher of the gifted, and independent/private school – as the preschool & lower school director – 3 year olds – 5th grade.

Our family story changed dramatically in April of 2008. Declining health caused the loss of my 90 year old mother and very shortly thereafter, my 35 year career in education came to an abrupt end.

During the funeral procession from my mother’s mass to the cemetery for her burial, I commented aloud to Bob and my siblings riding with us, on some “discomfort ” in my neck and back.

The next day, I awoke to the news of my new reality, unaware of the impact of all of this on myself and the people that were with me that day. I had survived a Widow-maker HEART ATTACK – a 12% survival rate outside a hospital or advanced care facility. My family, relatives and friends were in the process of dealing with the trauma of the events surrounding it, and after a brief period of rehabilitation and reflection, in order to remove as much stress from my life as possible, my family lovingly had retired me.

With much appreciation and gratitude, this would now give me the opportunity of time to work on me – my health and personal development. My focus became relaxing, taking care of myself, walking, meditating and visualizing a healthy, happy life with my family. Even now, many years later, appreciation and gratitude are a still a continued part of our daily prayers.

Within 6 months of hard work and rest, my heart was functioning at 100% and my energy level was back as well! I however wasn’t prepared for the recurrent “surprise” that I experienced when out-and-about. The unexpected “screams” of excitement and “miracle” touching when people saw me, or eventually found out about my experience. I understood their intent and was grateful for their well wishes even though I was still dealing with my own anxious and uneasy feelings.

Enjoying being at home and wanting to find a mission for this gift of my life, I started researching Home Based Business Opportunities. A family business has always a dream of mine. In 2009 I discovered my first business opportunity which got my feet wet in this new and incredible world of technology. Again in 2010, I discovered another, and we have been adding to and expanding what is now known as “LifeDesigning1 Enterprises” ever since.

Key elements in our home base business are integrity, strong business ethics and the highest quality products. First and foremost — Integrity of a product, service, and it’s people are something we highly value. Strong business ethics is our second factor — “teach” and support fellow team members and work along side colleagues who genuinely want success for all that are involved. Thirdly, products involving personal overall health and nutrition, the quality of ones food & water supply and care of ones environment had to factor in. Knowing my history…, (oh…, for another time – there was a Natural Nutritionist very involved in my life in the ’80’s…, lot of lessons learned during that time that we still live by daily), it was key!

Working from home with a flexible work schedule, gave Bob and I time with our grandsons and family, time to garden, pursue hobbies & travel as much as and as often as we choose. This is what LifeDesigning1 is all about! Living a life – designing it – on our terms — giving us freedom and flexibility — a completely different life than we both experienced before!

If you happen to be looking for some of these same things, that’s why we founded LifeDesigning1! We work with individuals and small teams on internet opportunities, entrepreneurial thinking, health, and personal development. If you’re interested in talking with us, getting more information, or just keeping in touch… you can email us directly, for more info watch our free workshop, or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to get to know us a little better. Thank you very much for coming to LifeDesigning1!

We look forward to connecting with you!

Mary Ann and Bob

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