Chicago bound!!!

Here’s a quick weekend update…

I’ve been in Chicago all weekend at a conference and I’m absolutely loving it!!!
Some of you already know from our facebook wall....

It’s been a fantastic experience and I will fill you all in when I get back!

Here’s a sneak peek 🙂

Talk soon!

Beautiful Story of a 19 year old’s Determination!

From Showering with Homeless to Living on the Beaches of the world!

Check out Dakota’s amazing Story here!

Way to go Dakota! Another Inspirational Story from Empower Network! 😉

Webinar explains Empower!

Empower Network….. 


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Purpose of Empower ~ DW

This is a recent Status Update from David Wood (Co-Founder of Empower Network!)

What is the purpose of the Empower Network?

There’s a lot, but let me give you the biggest two reasons ‘why’ we do everything that we do:

1. To teach ‘the Freedom Model’ of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing to the masses in the industry who are sick and tired of ‘grinding’ strategies – 3 way calls, constant, never ending meetings, calling leads, being everyone to everybody – the need to become a Guru, the need to know everything before you make anything. To teach the real ‘beach money’ lifestyle formula, that works, and keeps you free – regardless of what business you’re in.

Why is the freedom model badass? Because you can build a business, and have a life, too.

2. To give the average guy a real, accessable ‘guru business’ in a box. What’s a ‘guru business’?

It’s the model that high level gurus spend their entire life creating, and is the most profitable kind of business that exists.

In Empower Network, we give you badass products in a well oiled, perfectly planned ladder of escalation, cover the support and technical infrastructure for you, develop the front end marketing systems to sell it for you, so you can…

…make money like the Gurus do – now.

No need to hire employees, no need to be a ‘god’ of marketing – no need to be a charismatic leader, yet – you can just…

…make money like the Gurus do.


Personally, I think that’s some badass shit 🙂

If you have been curious about what Empower Network does for people…David Wood explains it well! Of course he would, he’s one of the Co-founders! He and David Sharpe have taken great strides to make Empower Network what it is today!

  • A Business that can teach anyone how to Market themselves! 
  • A Business that has brought many from Homeless to successful…
  • A Business that offers 100% Commissions!
  • A Business that has a platform that will help you rank higher on Google just by being a part of it!
  • A Business where Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have taken all of the Expensive Steps…so you can start your own business for $25/month! 
  • A Business where the trainings are phenomenal, as well as worth way more than their cost!
  • A Business that teaches you to be you! True and Honest! Tell your story to the world! 

If you have other questions: Check out our FAQs Here!

Learn about Empower Network, The Extreme Team, The Payment Plan, and much more from the FAQ link!

The picture below is the earnings made within the last year at Empower!

Will you make this much? We never can tell…We don’t know what you will do with your business!
Income Disclosure

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The TRUTH About Money, Marketing and Happiness

A Powerful Message from Co-Founder of Empower Network: David Sharpe
Enjoy! 😉

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting more and more pumped — because this weekend, I’m going to meet 3,000 Empower Network Bad Asses in San Diego, CA to infiltrate the city and take over in a way ONLY Empower Network knows how to do.

This will be BIG, and historical, not only because of what’s going to happen at the event — but because this will be the single largest event in the internet marketing industry to date (as far as I know).

And THAT’S Bad Ass. Thinking about that got me pumped, so I decided to shoot a quick video for you ‘off the cuff’ the other day in the middle of moving into my new house and working on some other really cool stuff :)  Check it out below….

Are you ready to finally lock arms with the single greatest, and most successful team of leaders in the industry? Go ahead — take back your life again – click here now and join us (*only $25)

Now: I want you to imagine for a second yourself 4 months from now, getting ready to meet us our next event….

….sitting back, debt-free with a nest egg of cash in your bank account — relaxed, sprawled out in your home office with your feet on the desk — not a worry in your mind, planning your travel plans to meet us, LIVE, for another epic, Bad Ass Empower event.

Too many people think this is a fantasy, but they don’t know what I’m about to tell you….

David Sharpe construction

Back a few years ago, I was working construction, sweating my ass off in the hot Florida sun. It had been two years since I hit rock bottom in my personal life, brought to my knees from my relentless battle with addiction and alcoholism.

As much as I was grateful for my life (especially from where I was just two years earlier), I was dead tired of being broke, not being able to escape the rat race, and having to say “no” way more than I said “yes” to my family when they asked me if we could “afford” a dinner out, or even a new pair of shoes.

I was tired of always having to “think” about money.
Tired of always “crunching” numbers to see if this months income was going to cover the bills.
David Sharpe construction truck
I drove an old 1990 Ford F-150 truck, that I had to start with a screwdriver, and when I did start it — it threw sparks that were visible from blocks away, like a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza.
Many of my freinds, who had “money problems” just like me, would say things like…

“I’m just grateful I have good friends and family to share the things I do have with…”


“At least I got my health to be greatful for….”

…but I knew that type of thinking was just a cop-out to surrender to a life of mediocrity, regret, and a vicious cycle of never ending financial, social and personal headaches.

I wanted more….

…And I was willing to work my ass off to get it.

I had always questioned the ideas, principals and theories taught in places where text books and politicians ruled young peoples minds like a gang leader influencing young recruits.

Against popular belief, what I perceived as a great “quality of life” was NOT working 40 hours a week, for 40 years, to find out the payoff was to become a Wal-Mart greeter. (nothing wrong with Wal-Mart greeters by the way, if that’s what you do now, or want to do after you retire).

I often felt like too many people in “the system” were trying to ‘pull the wool over my eyes’….

I was tired of the ignorant loudmouths who made less than the average American income, but loved to give out “free” financial advice.

I was tired of the ruthless and relentless banquet-hosting politicians (*only the “bad ones” of course) who were always preaching how they had the answer to all my financial problems, but nothing ever seemed to really pan out.

And I was tired of the damn media, who ruled American minds with an iron fear-of-loss fist by pulverizing the average persons dreams by reminding them daily of the hopeless recession we were right in the middle of.

So I took my life into my own hands.

I got SERIOUS about being an entrepreneur and stopped screwing around with the idea of building a

The point is….

I didn’t wait for someone to give me permission.

And I learned some very specific “governing rules” to making my personal “cash register ring” …that left even the most successful people I knew, who had been in business for years — scratching their heads.

Last month in Costa Rica I spent a couple of hours drilling deep into the simple “little” things I did, that have allowed me to go from making less than “minimum wage” in my business…

… a healthy six-figure a month businessevery month (not just once or twice).

David Sharpe's house
It’s allowed me to pay cash for things, live a debt-free lifestyle, and drive what I want, live where I want, and say “Yes” whenever my family asks for something they need (or want). I actually just moved into my new house last weekend :)
It’s a far cry from the one-bedroom ‘shack’ I lived in a few years ago.

And ALL THIS comes from the my MARKETING. Not as the President and Co-Founder of Empower Network…..

….but as an actual affiliate — just like you!

My partner Dave and I are actually affiliates of our own products, and six-figure MONTHLY earners in our own company  which means — we actually sell what we are telling our affiliates to sell. We do what we tell other people to do. And we take action — and have no hesitation telling you to take action, too — because we live it, breathe it, and know it works.

And best of all: We have PROOF and DOCUMENTATION to back everything we say and do up.
(hell just look around, the PROOF is all over the Internet).

Funny thing is — the money is not a motivation for me at all.

It never has been.

My motivation is primarily to develop personally, be a great man, a great father, and a great leader.

I’m driven by what “feeds” me, which is being a part of people’s lives — but not just “being there”

making a difference and having an impact.

I also discovered since I started focusing on these things in life, money is not an issue. Money actually follows people who do the right things for the fight reasons.

Which is why they always “have what they need” …..and in MANY cases, whatever they WANT.

See, money follows good intentions, not the other way around.

(read that again)

Which is why, not always, but A LOT, when someone gets rich, but has the wrong motives, they usually end up losing it all anyway.

Which is WHY we teach you at Empower Network to be great in ALL areas of your life — not just financially.

And why we teach you the importance of feeling good about what your doing.

And why we share WHO we are, and WHY we started this company, to inspire you to start living big in life, and believe that anyhting is possible.

(because it is, really)

And it’s no coincidence that we have one of the richest group of leaders in our industry :)

See, my DREAM is to actually to help people break through personally, just like I did almost 5 years ago. It’s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed going back into drug treatment centers and institutions, as much as I can to share a message of hope — of my own free time — to men in sometimes seemingly hopeless situations.

Since I got clean and sober back in February of 2008, I’ve discover the real secret to living a happy and fulfilling life. And it’s not all about money.

Hell, like my good buddy Matt said to me the other day…. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, it just puts a nice down payment on it”.


I couldn’t agree with him more :)

Real fulfillment in life comes from making a difference in someones life.

From helping them ‘get to the other side’ of something that seems impossible to them at the moment.

From sharing your honest experience with someone who needs to hear it, even though it might be uncomfortable, or embarrassing… expecting nothing in return — but just doing it. And more times than not, it reaches someone in just the right time, and it’s POWERFUL — sometimes life changing (or even life saving).

We have stories like this all over Empower. Everyday, emails come in, poast are made, and stories are shared about people deciding to fight their addictions, or finally face their demons.

This is just one of the reasons Empower Network is so rich, and SO many more ways than  just money :)

I searched for the ‘secret’ I’m sharing with you right now for YEARS, and the funny thing was: it was always right in front of me, with me at all times.

The TRUTH is: what you need to be fulfilled and successful is already inside of you, waiting for you to tap into it and release it.

Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it, and push you past the uncomfortable feelings you get when you teter on the edge of a breakthrough.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”.

Yes, it’s true.

So if you’re feeling the pain of life right now, delaing with some type of struggle, or wondering if the world has a place in it for you to THRIVE….

…..just know this:

The world has been waiting, watching and wondering….

….WHEN and IF you’re going to reach inside and release your Inner BadAss.

If you’re ready, let’s do thistogether.

Join us, lock arms with us, and let us help you release YOUR Inner BadAss.

Click Here and Watch This — and then Join Us.

Don’t wait – YOUR time is NOW.

David Sharpe
“The Commission Magician”

I Never Go to Work!


They Might Be Giants have put it perfectly in their song Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)! This is my THEME SONG!!! I may not play the trumpet but I did play the French Horn for an entire 2 weeks in 5th grade lol!!!

Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe have taught me that I am an EMPOWERED individual and I don’t need to slave away in a JOB everyday of my life! I love being able to write to all of you and have this be my JOB! Who wouldn’t want this to do everyday!

David Wood and David Sharpe have taught me to brand myself and who I am! This is how I’m EMPOWERED!!! I have to say it’s the best $25 I’ve ever spent!!! You can learn how to EMPOWER yourselves too!
Join here for $25!

You too can earn 100% commissions while expressing yourself! I love it and I know you will too!
If you haven’t seen the commissions video, Check it out HERE!

Or Check out our Income Disclosure HERE!

I’ll see you on the inside! Appreciate you all!
Nikki 😉