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Purpose of Empower ~ DW

This is a recent Status Update from David Wood (Co-Founder of Empower Network!)

What is the purpose of the Empower Network?

There’s a lot, but let me give you the biggest two reasons ‘why’ we do everything that we do:

1. To teach ‘the Freedom Model’ of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing to the masses in the industry who are sick and tired of ‘grinding’ strategies – 3 way calls, constant, never ending meetings, calling leads, being everyone to everybody – the need to become a Guru, the need to know everything before you make anything. To teach the real ‘beach money’ lifestyle formula, that works, and keeps you free – regardless of what business you’re in.

Why is the freedom model badass? Because you can build a business, and have a life, too.

2. To give the average guy a real, accessable ‘guru business’ in a box. What’s a ‘guru business’?

It’s the model that high level gurus spend their entire life creating, and is the most profitable kind of business that exists.

In Empower Network, we give you badass products in a well oiled, perfectly planned ladder of escalation, cover the support and technical infrastructure for you, develop the front end marketing systems to sell it for you, so you can…

…make money like the Gurus do – now.

No need to hire employees, no need to be a ‘god’ of marketing – no need to be a charismatic leader, yet – you can just…

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If you have been curious about what Empower Network does for people…David Wood explains it well! Of course he would, he’s one of the Co-founders! He and David Sharpe have taken great strides to make Empower Network what it is today!

  • A Business that can teach anyone how to Market themselves! 
  • A Business that has brought many from Homeless to successful…
  • A Business that offers 100% Commissions!
  • A Business that has a platform that will help you rank higher on Google just by being a part of it!
  • A Business where Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have taken all of the Expensive Steps…so you can start your own business for $25/month! 
  • A Business where the trainings are phenomenal, as well as worth way more than their cost!
  • A Business that teaches you to be you! True and Honest! Tell your story to the world! 

If you have other questions: Check out our FAQs Here!

Learn about Empower Network, The Extreme Team, The Payment Plan, and much more from the FAQ link!

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Income Disclosure

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Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 3 ~ More Pics

So many pictures to share! πŸ˜‰

We had such a wonderful time in New York City and Mom is quite the photographer! LOL!

She just keeps snapping away! I’m thankful for all of the pictures to share with you!

Christmas in New York City is just beautiful! Jackson was sooo excited and loved every minute of it!

We made it to FAO Schwarz! Jackson and I were both excited! πŸ˜‰

Someone offered to take a picture of all of us! Yay! Mom, Jackson, the FAO Schwarz soldiers and Me too!

These guys were the best! Such happy guys to be standing outside the most popular toy store in NYC to take pictures with practically everyone that walks through those doors! They were such a delight! So glad Mom could be in the picture with us too! Thank you random stranger! πŸ˜‰

We spent hours in FAO Schwarz! How could you not?!?!

Jackson “Traveling the World” with Paul Frank!

Jackson chilling out with the golden bear. πŸ™‚

The videographer (hee hee Mom) got a little spinny with the camera…Sorry but cute! I really have to find Big so I can show Jackson the movie! He will be amazed to see Zoltar and what happened when someone wished to be big! Wait til he sees the big piano that he got to play on too! We’re off to the library to borrow that movie soon! Big Piano pictures and video coming up…

First we stopped in the FAO Schweetz section of the store! Loved it!!!! We actually got chocolate covered gummy bears and had fun picking and choosing schweetz to take home with us! πŸ˜‰

Jackson kept wanting Gamma to take the picture when I wasn’t looking…so he could pose! LOL!

Jackson and the very heavy real Gummy Bear!

No, we did not get one of these…it would’ve lasted forever!
He’s such a HAM! Posing by the clock! Listening to the FAO song!

Big Piano time!

I think he was a little nervous at first…but quickly realized how much fun he could have on there! He went back for a couple more turns! πŸ˜‰

Phew…I’m a little pooped! But that was fun!

Lego Area! 

We were now entering Lego Land in FAO Schwarz!

Cool Characters…Jackson loves Star Wars!
One of the Soldiers!
Of Course Batman!
The beautiful Statue of Liberty!

Special Kudos to all those that spend numerous hours putting together these amazing Lego sculptures! That is probably fun! Could you imagine missing pieces?!

And did we leave the best Toy Store in NYC with a nice big bag?

Of course we did! LOL! More pictures to come…

I need to get to bed! It’s too much fun blogging! I love it!

If you’re planning on visiting New York City this Christmas…then definitely check out our posts about Our Adventure Days in New York City!

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Adventure Days

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 2

I love having these Adventure Days with Jackson! I am so thankful to have the ability to work from home so that I can do these things with my son!

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Brazilian Elevator TV Show Prank: A bit too far?

Brazilian Elevator Pranks

This video has gone completely viral since it was posted on November 26, 2012!

It’s only been out for a week and a half and has already gotten 49,076,692 views on YouTube with 166,573 Likes and 12,464 Dislikes

If you get scared easily…
I wouldn’t watch it…

But if you can look at it in the sense of what they are trying to do here, then by all means…watch away!

They do show you how the little girl ghost shows up… So you know what’s coming LOL!

I have seen this a couple of times and I have to say that…

I am glad I wasn’t in that elevator! I would have completely freaked out! And I love paranormal stuff!

I also worry about the health of a lot of these people to have a scare like that!

I have been in a haunted hotel where a friend of mine came out completely white as a sheet! She was fine and we all had a blast! LOL!

It’s one of those stories that gets brought up every time we see each other! πŸ˜‰

DogProduction has posted only 2 videos and you can subscribe to them to see more…

To see their second video:  
Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank in Brazil ~ Click Here πŸ™‚

Empower Network Rocks!

I recently received a post written by Dave Sharpe (co-founder of Empower Network)…

What did he do on Thanksgiving this year?

Click here or the pic below to find out!

I am thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of people!

Some amazing pics too!

Check out his post Here!

Elephants Can Paint!

This is absolutely amazing! Animals have more painting talent than me!!!

I love this video! Can you imagine seeing this in person!?! WOW!

Check out the website I found this on:

The elephants seem pleased with the applause of the audience and of course the bundles of sugarcane and bananas after the paintings are completed.

Your purchase of their art provides much needed financial support for this well managed elephant camp as well as support elephant conservation.

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece of original art and the 16”x20” high quality print.
_NGEO_Image.jpg As seen on National Geographic’s ‘Wild On Tape

~ an excerpt from the site

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