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Always Remember!

Alan Jackson sings it so well in this song!

As I sit here on September 11, 2012, I still remember the exact things I was doing on that tragic morning in 2001.

As I’ve written before, I was a Pre-Kindergarten teacher before I had my son Jackson, so I was at school that day. In our school, we would take the children to the cafeteria for breakfast and eat family style.

I remember clearing some dishes and one of my friends receiving a phone call in the cafeteria that there was a terrorist attack in New York. It didn’t really hit me at first. Her son lived in New York at the time and the concern started to rise.

When my children were finished eating, I took them upstairs to our classroom and immediately called my family to tell them of the news and tell them that I love them!

Throughout the morning, we tried to take a minute here or there to view the news coverage, but my first priority was the children! Keeping them safe!

We had parents who picked up their children very early that day, just so they could be with them and cherish each other! As a school, we supported their decision wholeheartedly!

Hey, I wanted to be with my loved ones too! As soon as school was over, that’s exactly what I did! We hugged and watched the news with tears in our eyes as the New York skyline that we had grown up with had completely changed!

We spent lots and lots of time praying and trying to contact our family in New York, which if you remember, was very difficult to do that day as all the ‘circuits were busy.’

I always tell people that I’m really good at praying, (I think I get it from my Gram, Mom and Dad) so if you need a prayer or someone you know needs a prayer, you can always call on me!

I know God’s personal phone number 😉

Always remember that day and if you are a religious type like me, then

– take the time to say an extra prayer for those who suffered that day,
– take the time to say an extra prayer for those who still suffer from losing someone that day,
– take the time to say an extra prayer for those who still suffer from dealing with the traumatic events of that day! (i.e. people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, the list goes on)

Thank you all for reading this post!

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Appreciate who and what you have in life!
❤ ❤ ❤

Never Give Up!


I’ve been checking out some inspirational videos on YouTube lately!

I came across this one and it just brought tears to my eyes!

I had to share it with all of you!

I was a sophomore in High School when this happened and I have to admit I really don’t remember this part of the olympics.

We’re always told to “Never Give Up!” But, do people really take the time to think about what this really means? No matter what your struggles in life may be, you are only given what you can handle!

I remember telling God, out loud, at my grandmother’s funeral (when I almost lost my mom too) “Ok, I can’t handle this too!”

You know what? He listened to me and I have my mother to talk to if not see on a daily basis!

My mom didn’t give up that day!

God didn’t give up on us that day!

Grammy didn’t give up on us that day! (We believe this was Gram’s 1st Miracle ;))

I didn’t give up on believing the fact that I am only given what I can handle in my life!

I know I’m being watched over! I am grateful for it! ❤

Anyway, back to the video:

Would you have given up?

I would have kept on going!

I will always Keep Going!

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Appreciate what you have! 😉