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Volunteering – U.S. Senior Golf Championship – June 2022

Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

June 19 – 26, 2022

Usually, anyone following our Blog will find something food-related. This post is going to buck that tradition. Not only will we skip the subject of food, but Bob is at the keyboard contributing with commentary.

Last Fall I got an email from our cousin in Texas. An avid golfer, he had seen an invitation for volunteers to work the upcoming US Senior Open at Saucon Valley Country Club and immediately reached out to get my reaction. There was no way I would turn down this opportunity. Saucon Valley CC has three courses ranked in the top 25 of the State of Pennsylvania and is literally two miles from where Mary Ann and I reside.

So, a short while later, he and I were accepted into the volunteer workforce.

The first time SVCC hosted the Senior Open was in 1992. That time, being a novice at the game, I attended an early-round with my oldest daughter. She scored an autograph from the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus, after his round (So proud of her!). We also saw Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Lee Trevino, and Chi Chi Rodriguez that day. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

In 2000, the Senior Open came back for a second time. While I did not attend the play that year, I do have a very beautiful memento of the event. A friend of mine did security for the tournament and received a printed poster as a token of appreciation for his services. A few years later, not being a devotee of the game, he asked if I would be interested in the poster. I said yes and gladly accepted the print showing Nicklaus, Palmer, Irwin, Kite, and Watson with the SVCC Clubhouse viewed from the 18 the Hole. That print hung in my work office for many years.

“Legends of the Millennium” – The 2000 U.S. Senior Open Championship – Saucon Valley Country Club – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – June 26 – July 2, 2000

So, this year, thirty tears after the first SVCC Senior Open, I went back to see the Seniors again. This time my cousin and I spent four shifts in the Merchandise Tent assisting some of the thousands of visitors to the tournament to gather their own mementos. We worked with 10 to 20 other Volunteers and met Players, Caddies, and fans of all ages, and worked for Interns and Managers from USGA. What a great time we had meeting new friends and greeting the crowd that stopped in the tent.

Once each of our shifts was done, we could then spend time on the course watching the action. On Friday we walked the course looking for as many of the “names” as we could find. Ernie Els, Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker, Vijay Singh, Mark O’Meara, Jay Haas, Rocco Mediate, and Padraig Harrington. And on Saturday, we snagged a spot in the Gallery of the First Tee and watched most of them start their round with drives I could only dream of.

At the end of the day, it looked like Harrington comfortably had the tournament in hand at 11 under and the nearest competitor at 6 under. But Sunday didn’t disappoint. Steve Stricker, Harrington’s opponent Captain at the 2021 Ryder Cup, came from 9 back to challenge the Irishman for the lead. Stricker’s USA team defeated the Europeans in 2021. In the end, Harrington hung on to finish at 10 under with Stricker at 9 under. What an afternoon of golf!


The winner of the event, Padraig Harrington

Halloween Fun… looking back

Happy Halloween week everyone!!
A little Halloween retrospective… enjoy!!
Can’t wait for this year!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I have a long time theory that Friday is the best day of the week!
Friday, for those of you still working a “normal job,” is the day of the week to wrap things up.

People are more relaxed today. You might have time to read or forward some funny emails, there’s chatter in the office about weekend plans and maybe even a bit of “hey! drinks tonight with everyone…are you in?”

People are ready for the weekend. Ready to spend time with family, the kids, work on the house, get outside, sleep in a little, exercise, go to a movie, go on a date, so on and so on.

Friday is even fantastic for those AAA personalities… sending emails, finishing up by noon, sneaking on to Facebook, updating friends, see what’s going on and busily making productive and fun weekend plans. (They never slow down! Lol)

No matter which of these you do on a Friday we all have one thing in common.
It marks the end of a busy work week! 

Enjoy today! Reflect on this week!

Do a few things a little different this Friday.

It’s the first Friday of spring.
A season of renewal, rebirth, growth. Nature does it normally and right on time, for itself, every year. Nature recreates itself, creates new growth, changes its form. If you really think about it, makes changes and adapts better to its environment than the year before. (Like for instance a tree)

What will you do with your first Friday of spring???

Spend time with important people in your life?
Clean out that closet or garage that’s been sitting there cluttered forever?
Start something for YOU?

Just a few things to get the old gray matter sloshing around up there in your brain but don’t think too hard today!

Whatever you do, create new space, new thoughts, new room for something bigger and better to come in to your life.

So get out there!

Just do it!

It doesn’t have to be perfect or right… But it’s gotta be something that puts a smile on your face, keeps your spirit up and keeps ya moving forward!

Good luck!

Have an amazing Friday!!!

Family Recipe: What is a Rosette?


Rosette Cookies – A “Generation” Family Recipe*


1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 egg (2 – if a flakier pastry is desired)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup flour, sifted

oil for frying
Rosette iron
paper towels

Mix the first five ingredients together and then slowly add the flour until the batter is smooth.
Heat enough oil (in a wide pan) to be able to deep fry.

For each rosette follow these instructions:
Dip “batterless” (rosette) iron into the hot oil until the iron is hot.
Dab the iron onto a paper towel – then dip into the batter.
Make certain you — do not — go over the top of the iron! It will run the entire batter.
Dip the “battered” iron into the hot oil — the batter will loosen itself – if you need to, nudge it off with a fork.

When it looks light brown… Turn the Rosette cookie to brown the other side.
When that side is light brown…. remove and drain on paper towels until cool.

Sprinkle with confectioners’ / powdered sugar.
Serve! and Enjoy!

We always know when people sample our cookies…….. by the powdered sugar on their shirts! 🙂 Enjoy!

*This family “generation” recipe was submitted to a local cookbook:

1992 – Ethnic Recipes, Traditions and Customs — St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Compiled by Mary Ann Lipsky
Illustrations and Narrative by Janet Kovalchick (a local artist and dear friend)
Small Drawings Assistant – Robin Gwen Lipsky (age 18)


Adventure Days ~ Camden Aquarium – Part 1 – Camden, New Jersey


Went to the CAMDEN AQUARIUM in New Jersey recently!

Soooo cool!

The Penguins…. outside…

Check out that penguin over there Pa!
This is so neat!

And, Inside….. they are funny!

It’s so cool to watch them swim!

Then we entered…. the Stingray Beach Club area at the Camden Aquarium, New Jersey

It’s a Touch Exhibit!!  I can actually “touch” a stingray!

Here’s Pa telling me the right way to “touch” a big stingray!  Wow!

Check out the Stingrays Pa!
Look at the size of that one Gamma!

And…. Gamma!

Look at the size of them!  Pa told me we can go to places and actually swim with them!  Like in the Grand Cayman Islands (where Pa and Gamma went), Hawaii, Florida….
I’m going to have to do some research on that!  That would be a trip filled with Adventure Days for sure!

There was an area where there were smaller ones…. so neat!

So cool to be able touch all of these animals!

This Adventure Day to Camden Aquarium, New Jersey is —

To be continued…

As we venture on to the Sharks!

Joyful Journeying with Jackson!  🙂

Make Life an Adventure! Start Enjoying Life Today!