Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I have a long time theory that Friday is the best day of the week!Friday, for those of you still working a "normal job," is the day of the week to wrap things up. People are more relaxed today. You might have time to read or forward some funny emails, there's chatter … Continue reading Happy FRIDAY!!!!

"A Good Day" – It’s a gift!

This video, featuring Brother David, a highly-respected Benedictine monk, author and spiritual leader, is a BLESSING to all those with "eyes to see and ears to hear." Look, listen and be inspired by this powerful message on grateful living. Please visit gratefulness.org. What have you opened your heart to today? Look at Today as a … Continue reading "A Good Day" – It’s a gift!

Our Story – a daughter’s reflection.

As we wrote before LifeDesigning1 is a family owned and run business. We started due to a major life changing event on April 21, 2008. The family was attending our grandmother's funeral ...(miss her so much...what an amazing woman!)... as we were on our way to the cemetery from the church, the procession of cars … Continue reading Our Story – a daughter’s reflection.