Thanksgiving is quickly approaching

Jackson and I just can't seem to decide on what we want to make... We want to do everything! So throughout this week... Look for some of the following... 1. Handprint turkey cookies (with Jackson's handprint) 2. Baby jar turkeys 3. Fingerprint turkeys 4. Orange scented Play Dough Oh...the ideas are endless! What will Jackson … Continue reading Thanksgiving is quickly approaching

Enjoying Your Little One! #1 Art with Shaving Cream

Hi everybody! I've never mentioned this but... I used to be a teacher before I became a Work-At-Home Mom! (Bet you'd never guess with my adventure days and crafts I do with my little one... LOL) I had my son Jackson in September of 2006 and have enjoyed every milestone and teachable moment with him … Continue reading Enjoying Your Little One! #1 Art with Shaving Cream