Our Story – a daughter’s reflection.

As we wrote before LifeDesigning1 is a family owned and run business. We started due to a major life changing event on April 21, 2008. The family was attending our grandmother’s funeral …(miss her so much…what an amazing woman!)… as we were on our way to the cemetery from the church, the procession of cars we were in just stopped! It turned out that our mother had a “widow maker” heart attack in the limosine at the front of the procession! We, as a family, were a complete mess…we couldn’t lose 2 important women in our lives within just a couple of days! This couldn’t be happening!

We came together as a family! Emergency numbers were called numerous times from all over the procession line of cars! A police officer “made a wrong turn” and came upon our procession. He used a defibrillator on our mom and she was able to breathe on her way to the hospital in the ambulance! (We think Gram said: “I don’t think so…get back down there!” Thank you Gram!) At the hospital, Mom got a life saving surgery and is here today!

That day completely changed our lives!   We know it was truly a blessing to be cherished and to look at each and every day with appreciation and gratitude.  Our lives are filled with abundance – Health, Wealth and Living the Life of our Dreams!        

Welcome to our brand new blog!

Hello and welcome to all! We have started this blog to be able to communicate better with people, share our experiences and reach out to help others. We believe very strongly in what we’re doing, would like to help, share and encourage others, and hope you find this blog knowledgeable, insightful, and helpful in your own endeavors.

Who is LifeDesigning1?
We are a family team business started in 2009 initially by Mary Ann and Bob Lipsky. This is our second business endeavor since inception and upon realizing the value, success, excitement and freedom of our newest business, we have added our daughters Robin and Nicole to the team rounding out our expertise and value to others in various ways.

The LifeDesigning1 team are members of a global community that help people achieve success and happiness in life from multiple, and we believe, very critical aspects of a rewarding life. These aspects are: Personal Development, Internet Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Wealth and Health. These aspects, when put together effectively, allow people to have much more holistic and truly fulfilling lives.

Aspect 1: Personal Development.
Personal development allows individuals to learn the right mindset and outlook on life to ultimately succeed effectively. When ones approach and attitude are harnessed, and consistently applied, success is an achievable and logical result. We offer training and team support.

Aspect 2: Internet Entrepreneurial Opportunities.
This aspect of our business is something we have found to be very beneficial for us but not necessary, nor wanted by every individual. We have personally found that the internet, mastering top notch marketing techniques and self-employment, offers amazing opportunities to live a different type of life if an individual truly desires it. A life where 9-5 no longer matters, gives individuals a bit more freedom and lots of times happiness by being able to control their own 8 to 14 hours a day. As we mentioned though, this is NOT for everyone and that’s alright. 🙂 It takes lots of hard work, drive, true want, and a certain mindset to be able to run your own business and it’s just not for everyone. We offer team and community help for the right individuals. We do not believe in get rich quick and only serious applicants are accepted to join our team and community once assessed.

Aspect 3: Wealth.
Wealth knowledge allows smart decision-making and proper management of a person’s monies. With initial and continued wealth education individuals can have access to better and more opportunities throughout their life, have freedom from monetary worries, and ultimately sleep well at night knowing they are financially secure. We offer the best and ONLY wealth master training which connects to the best wealth experts available if this is something our team members would like to do.

Aspect 4: Optimal Health.
Optimal health, exercise, eating etc. allows people to enjoy the success that they’ve achieved and live longer, happier and healthier lives. We offer resources to learn how to achieve this as well as additional recommended products we believe in and use daily in our own lives.

We will talk about each of these aspects in more detail, promote community and community education and sharing, and are aiming for lots and lots more on this blog. We have high hopes for what we can achieve with this medium. The internet is such and amazing, connective and collaborative environment. We’re all quite lucky to be able to experience it!

Thank you for reading our first post! We very much look forward to interacting with everyone as this blog grows. Please, always, feel free to send the team feedback, comments and questions because we would like to make this blog as valuable and insightful as possible.

The LifeDesigning1 Team

design your life… from your heart