Meet Us

meetuspicsBob and I would like to welcome you as the founders of LifeDesigning1 Enterprises!

High School sweethearts, married at the age of 22 for 40 years in July 2012, Bob and I enjoy the love of a wonderful, close-knit family. Considering them our greatest accomplishments, we have 2 beautiful daughters, one exemplary son-in-law and one, awesome 6 year old grandson, Jackson!

Living near family, we were blessed to have my mother live with us and help in raising our girls as we both pursued our vocations. Bob is a metallurgist, in foundries and sales, and I was an educator, in public school – elementary and teacher of the gifted, and in private school as an administrator. Our story changed dramatically in April 2008. As a family, we lost my mother at the age of 90 and my 35 year career in education came to an abrupt end. My story – in the limousine – during the funeral procession from my mother’s mass to the cemetery for her burial, I commented aloud to Bob and my siblings riding with us… on some “discomfort ” in my neck and back. The next day, I awoke to the news of my new reality. I HAD A HEART ATTACK and my family, relatives and friends were dealing with that reality and the trauma of the event. I, on the other hand, had no clue as to its impact on me and the people who were with me that day. The result – my family, in order to remove as much stress from my life as possible, lovingly retired me. Thus giving me the opportunity to work on me – my health and my personal development. Relaxing, taking care of myself, meditating and visualizing a healthy, happy life with my family. Now a few years later and still tremendously grateful, my heart is 100% and my energy level is back a hundred fold!
Enjoying being at home and wanting to find a mission for this gift of my life, I started researching Home Based Business Opportunities. In 2009 I discovered my first opportunity which got my feet wet in this new and incredible world of technology. In 2010, I discovered a company I am still with today called Wealth Masters International, and I and my daughters have been adding to and expanding what is now known as “LifeDesigning1 Enterprises” ever since.

I found the opportunity to help others, support fellow team members, meet amazingly successful industry leaders, and work with colleagues who genuinely want success for all of us. Along with all of these opportunities I had found I can work from home, travel as much as we’d like and live a completely different life than before! I absolutely love it!

If you’re looking for some of these same things that’s why we’re here! We work with individuals and small teams on internet opportunities, entreprenurial thinking, health, wealth and personal development. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. If you’re interested in talking to us or just checking us out… you can email us at or check us out on Facebook, Google+ or subscribe to our email list.

We look forward to connecting with you!
Mary Ann and Bob

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