Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Adventure Days

We just got back from spending 2 spontaneous days in New York City!

🙂 A definite perk when working from home! 🙂

We talked about it and…
decided Wednesday night…
to drive into New York City on Thursday and Friday! 😉

Mom, Jackson and myself did some of the following on Day 1

(These are only a few of the pictures we took on Day 1
I will post more as soon as they get uploaded to the computer from Mom and my phones LOL 😉 )

  • Shopping in Times Square…
  • Enjoying Rockefeller Center…
  • Riding a ferris wheel in the middle of Toys R Us…
  • Spending precious time in the gorgeous St. Patrick’s Cathedral!

(Which might smell a little like burnt rabbit fur now…lol)

Riding the indoor Ferris Wheel in the middle of Toys R Us!

Jackson and I in the Toy Story car of the Toys R Us Ferris Wheel! We were pretty lucky…almost got a Barbie car LOL! 

Take notice to the HAT!

This is Jackson’s favorite HAT! Lined with Rabbit Fur!

Notice “No HAT” and candles in the background! 

Yes, Jackson and I are standing in front of the Nativity Scene at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with my heart pounding at this point…


This would be right after Mommy whipped that hat off of Jackson’s head…he leaned to get a stick to light a candle and caught his left ear flap on FIRE just a little…

It was a tiny, yet very scary FIRE on my child’s Rabbit Fur Hat that was still on his HEAD!!!

He leaned…
It caught FIRE…
And my hand closed that quickly around it!!!!

He was completely fine and didn’t even realize what had happened until I had my hand by his head…

We took off the hat for a while after that…

The scent of burnt rabbit fur filled the air for some time in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral…
My hand smelled of burnt rabbit fur as well…
Jackson smelled it full force from my hand and the edges of his burnt rabbit fur left ear flap of his hat….LOL

Oh the events that can occur while enjoying our Adventure Days together!!!

Stay Tuned for more pictures of our Spontaneous Adventures in New York City!

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