Have you ever thought….

Why am I here???
Why isn’t God helping me???
Why did that happen to me???
Why is God Punishing ME???

In high school, I had a very rough senior year…One of those teenager things where all your “friends” turn on you and leave you like the drop of a hat! I have always felt blessed and connected to God and I needed him then, I spent most of my free time in the chapel at school…
just talking with God!

I cried….
I prayed….
I thought a lot of the things I mentioned above…
But, you know what…

God answered my prayers/questions in a different way…

He showed me who my true friends were and still are today!!! The ones that leave you in the dust do grow up eventually…but do you really need them? No, You have the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin!!! Friends come and go, but true ones never leave!!! ❤

❤ And I was fortunate to Marry my Best Friend!!! ❤


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