A Random Act of Kindness

I always make sure to try and live my life according to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would like done to you!” I also work at instilling this to my child as well. What an important rule to live by!

I’m sitting here in our mountain home, listening to the beautiful rain and reflecting on the day we’ve had so far. We are so blessed to have picked blueberries, make blueberry pancakes and enjoy a little shopping time together as a family. Yes, Jackson helped with every part of picking and making those blueberry pancakes. He cracked the eggs and everything! Boy were they delicious!!!

But anyway, back to the Golden Rule and the point of this post! While out shopping we were looking for a small pool for us and Jackson to be able to enjoy. It’s unbelievably hot and humid here these past few days! If only you could see how the humidity is effecting my hair…ridiculous! LOL! While looking for the pool, we noticed that quite a few things were on sale, so, being a bargain shopper, I asked if the pools were on sale. The gentleman, we’ll call Fred, said “no, sorry they’re not on sale yet.” I told him that was ok and then he said “well, I do have Halloween candy coming in 2mrw.” (I was confused) I said “what do you mean?” He explained, “well, the pools came in way back in March ya know. I could give you a great deal on Saturday.” I said, “oh, that’s so sweet but we won’t be here Saturday. We’re back and forth this summer.” Jackson comes around the corner to join me and Fred says “is the pool for this little guy right here?” I said “yes.” Fred then goes onto say, “follow me, let’s get you that pool for a really great deal!” I said “Oh My Goodness! Thank you sooo much!” We followed, he proceeded to grab the pool we were looking at and another pool toy…I made a face…Fred laughed and said, “you don’t even know what I’m going to do yet, I’ll ring you up on 2.” I said, “ok” and called to my husband that we were going to the register. Fred proceeded to put the pool ($30) next to me on the floor and then rang up the pool toy ($12) and put it off to the side and finished ringing us up. Wow! I couldn’t believe it! Fred smiled and said, “I believe good things should happen to good people!” I told him I agreed, thanked him and told him “God Bless You!!!!” Jackson gave him a great big thank you as well!

We came back to the house and got it blown up, swimsuits on and water filling and it started to thunder! So, now we sit waiting for the storm to stop so we can enjoy the random act of kindness from Fred! What a goodhearted man! I will always remember this day and his kindness! It is so important to do good things for others! Your one random act of kindness can be remembered for the rest of someone’s or some child’s life! What an amazing lesson to learn, teach and live by!!!

Be kind to others! It will be remembered! Even if it’s a 5 year old little boy!!! 😉 Talk to you all soon! Lots of love!!! ❤

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